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Easy Herbal, Tomato-Vegetable Soup recipe, to recover from colds!! 2 versions & extra tips (video).

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 28 Νοε 2023

I recently went through a very bad cold with 39.5 fever, and an extreme, constant, dry cough...

I was alone...

So What helps?

Hot baths, steam with essential oils, herbal teas, very light nutrition (in order to allow the body to use its energy on healing, instead of digesting heavy foods), much water for adequate hydration & detoxification, and soda (bicarbonate), for alkalisation.

I also made a therapeutic herbal hot wine (Glühwein), that helped to relax my cough a bit. Check it out here.

I wasn't able to prepare food for two days, something that weakened me, but on day 3 I had to do something! My body was asking for a tomato soup, with carrots and celery.

I cooked it in a light way, really enjoyed it, and I'm presenting it to you in 2 versions ...

Please, take care of yourself and your people!!! Objects are soulless....

Let's see the recipe ;)

You can easily strengthen your immune system, and detox your body with probiotic salads & sauces! Here is my easy recipe for a Sauerkraut (cabbage-carrot),

So, that’s it for today :)

I hope my articles are useful to you, and that you’ll have fun creating in your kitchen!

If you wish to share my recipe on facebook/instagram, you can use the youtube video.

In case you have questions, need anything, or just want to communicate your thoughts, feel free to write a comment below, or contact me directly.

I’m always happy to help!!

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*my site is used and directed only by me. No one has access to your email, and no one collects visitor information from me. These are my principles!

And remember. Always create with love! Everything is charged by our energy...and love is the best therapy...!

Thank you all for your support, and your most amazing encouraging messages!!!!

They give me strength…and I’m so touched…!!

Loads of love,


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