Boutique “Thomais de Fois” is the place where you can find unique and totally handcrafted and hand sewn jewellery and accessories,
created by the artist Thomais de Fois.
Her philosophy is creating with imagination and respect! She doesn't use plastic, or toxic, or dangerous materials, that could harm you or the environment.
The materials she uses to create her designs are mostly leather, a variety of metals, semi precious stones, Swarovski crystals,
A+++ glass beads and metal beads, stainless steel parts (clasps, rings), hand carved wood, fabric, glass...
She can create custom made designs according to your ideas and directions, and even use a material that you own and you’d like to have it on a bracelet, cuff, pendant, or a purse, tabacco cases, or...anything..! Just let her know
Feel free to contact us by sending a message, in case you have any questions about our products, about the shipping and the payment methods,
and tell us about your ideas for a custom design! It'd be our pleasure to help you  
No extra charges for the custom made designs.
Here you can take a look, or Download the 2018 cataloque (free)