New Summer Single "Echoes" by Thomais de Fois Out Now!!

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The New Summer Single Song “Echoes” from Thomais de Fois, officially released on 11/8/2020.

A chill out, Atmospheric, Cinematic, Emotional, Dark and Deep, Alternative-Indie song, with poetic lyrics, written during the quarantine times, recorded and mixed by Thomais, at her home studio.

"Echoes"and the previous single song "Be Yourself" will be included in the artist's upcoming album, which is expected to be released within 2020.

Music - Lyrics: Thomais de Fois.

Mix-Master: Thomais de Fois.

Eye photo:Takis Kyriakoylakos - MadRay Studios.

Artwork: Thomais de Fois.

You can find her full discography at her here.

  "The first comments I received about this song, after it was released, made me very-very happy!! Especially the ones about the production and the quality of the sound, since it's the first time that I decided to work absolutely alone on this, and promised myself to make it to create the sound and expression I wanted.

  The vibrations of the sound frequencies is something very powerful, and when they reach us they can be really affective. I had to speak to emotions..."

Thomais de Fois

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Shadow from the past, companionship today. Don’t be late.

Echoes in your touch, distance in your eyes. Don’t be late.

Roses in your smile, Razors in your vibes. You were late.

Counting the time, unable to define what is Fate.

Forgettable regrets. Acceptable confess. What’s the bet?

Claim it if it’s yours. Take it, after all you were late.

Forgiveness is a catch. Respect, lust, and trust are deadly.

Follow who you can, blind in the dust is deadly.

I’m saving what is left, sorrows, and regrets.

I’m ready. Ready….

The artwork for this song is inspired by its lyrics and atmosphere.

The Eye symbolizes the perception.

The Butterfly symbolizes the Soul, in many cultures.

Echoes symbolize the elasticity of time, memories, people existed in our lives, words...everything that comes and goes.

The Tear is created from a spiral clock.

It's the sorrow and healing that time brings to us...

We need to let go of the past...but appreciate our experience, and connect with our spiritual existences, in order to expand our perception...

Thomais de Fois

* "Echo" in ancient Greek Mythology was a Nymph. She lived in the forests of tall mountains, and was educated by the Muses, who taught her how to sing, play the flute and whistle.

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