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"Echoes". A Chill, Atmospheric, Cinematic, Emotional, Alternative-Indie song, written during the quarantine times, recorded and mixed by Thomais, at her home studio.
Music - Lyrics: Thomais de Fois.
All Instruments: Thomais de Fois
Mastering: Thomais de Fois.
Eye photo: Takis Kyriakoylakos - MadRay Studios.
Artwork: Thomais de Fois.

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Available on all platforms since 11/8/2020.
"Art In Rock" productions © 2020 All rights reserved



Shadow from the past, companionship today. Don’t be late.
Echoes in your touch, distance in your eyes. Don’t be late.
Roses in your smile, Razors in your vibes. You were late.
Counting the time, unable to define what is Fate.
Forgettable regrets. Acceptable confess. What’s the bet?
Claim it if it’s yours. Take it, after all you were late.
Forgiveness is a catch. Respect, lust, and trust are deadly.
Follow who you can, blind in the dust is deadly.
I’m saving what is left, sorrows, and regrets.
I’m ready. Ready….

Written by Thomais de Fois © 2020
All rights reserved

"Echoes" Single by Thomais de Fois

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