This DVD contains the second music project by Thomais de Fois, the solo album "Part of the Whole", released in 2016.

She signs the lyrics and the music in eight alternative progressive rock songs that are orchestrated by her, in collaboration with Vangelis Gialamas (Fragile Vastness). A key feature of this album is the variety of music styles that have been used, such as ethnic,symphonic and progressive tunes, as well as that the songs gradually change and build up, which makes them different and interesting, challenging your emotion and memory.

In the file you will find the tracks of this album, the 8 pages booklet with the lyrics and the credits, artistic photos of the artist, videos, posters to print, and lyrics.

You will also get the new single "Be Yourself" and the artwork.


The artwork was created by Thomais.

Musicians that performed on this album:

Guitars: Thomais de Fois, Vangelis Gialamas, Dimitris Koutsoukis, Tasos Vrettakis.

Piano: Thomais de Fois.

Keyboards: Thomais de Fois, Vangelis Gialamas.

Bass: Vangelis Gialamas, Tasos Vretakis.

Drums: Vasilis Armaos (Wil Bow).

Percussions: Thomais de Fois.

Vocals: Thomais de Fois.

Backing vocals: Thomais de Fois, Vangelis Gialamas.

The album was recorded in Fragile Studio.

Mix-Master by George Bitsikas ( )



"This album is dedicated to all the free spirits that love and respect everything that nature wisely created"

                                                                                                                               Thomais de Fois


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"Part of The Whole" DVD Collector's Edition

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