...from nature, to her imagination, to her working space, to you.

  Fine metals, semi-precious stones, amazing and rare crystals, unique designs, techniques that the artist has developed in order to achieve the results she desires, engravings, embroidery, unique combinations of materials, wood, leather, fabrics, ...all with a classy and Bohemian chic aesthetic, delicate and rock, there are many alternatives for you to find the perfect gift for your beloved ones, or to treat yourself with something unique that you deserve.

 Take a look at the catalogue and the customizable designs below, or contact Thomais directly, and guide her to design your idea, and create the unique piece of your imagination!

  All the materials she uses are absolutely natural, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. They are safe for you and our precious environment!

  The red dots on the catalogue products mean that those pieces are sold.

Send us the code you are interested in, filling in the form below, and, as soon as it's ready we'll send you photos of the new piece (it'll take 3-7 days to have it ready). As soon as you confirm that you are satisfied with it, it'll be shipped directly.

Enjoy, and feel free to contact for any questions or requests you might have.

  "My philosophy is to create with imagination, responsibility and respect.

I love to embody a piece of our Universe in a piece of Art ❤️"


                                                  Thomais de Fois

See & download Catalogue pdf (free)