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 Thomais de Fois was born in Athens, and has French - British ancestry. She travels a lot, and she had been living in The Netherlands for a few years.

  She is a musician (piano-guitar-bass-keyboards-percussion player), singer, songwriter, composer, music - vocal teacher, has her own Band and Discography.

 She's a freelance Photographer - Dancer (classic, European, Latin), Jewellery -Crafts Designer, and she has many years of experience in the food & beverage business, as bartender, manager and owner.

 She's the founder and manager of "Art in Rock". This project was established in 2009, and has the form of a festival, including exhibitions, presentations, live music shows, video-music-photography-publications production, and monthly events took place in several locations, with the participations of many recognized and new artists, such as musicians, writers, painters, photographers, sculptors, ceramists, jewellers, designers, poets, and more.

  Besides the artistic side of hers, Thomais is alsoa certified Holistic Therapist, member of IPHM, she has Studies in Holistic Therapy, based on Herbal Medicine, Music & Art Therapy, Psychology, Diet & Nutrition, Skincare & Repair, continues her researches in health, beauty and wellbeing, preparing to launch a cosmetic line with organic skin care & repair products, and writes articles about health, beauty & wellbeing.

Thomais de Fois - Holistic Therapy & Arts
Thomais de Fois - Holistic Therapy & Arts
Thomais de Fois - Holistic Therapy & Arts

She started studying classical music at the age of 8, and received the Advanced Theory, Orchestration, Classical Piano, and Singing Certificates. After finishing high school, she began teaching English, the piano, music theory and singing, giving rock concerts, singing and playing the guitar, bass, and percussion.

  Her first project was the band "Pegasus". They released one album. She signed the music and the lyrics in a few songs, and performed on live shows.

  She released her second music project, the solo album "Part of the Whole" in 2016, and signs the lyrics & the music in eight alternative progressive rock songs, with a variety of music styles such as ethnic, symphonic and progressive.

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Thomais de Fois - Holistic Therapy & Arts
Thomais de Fois - Holistic Therapy & Arts

Listen to her album here

or buy the physical CD in Public stores and in Ianos Stores, in Greece. 

Musicians that performed on this album:

Guitars: Thomais de Fois, Vangelis Gialamas, Dimitris Koutsoukis, Tasos Vrettakis.

Piano: Thomais de Fois.

Keyboards: Thomais de Fois, Vangelis Gialamas.

Bass: Vangelis Gialamas, Tasos Vretakis.

Drums: Vasilis Armaos (Wil Bow).

Percussions: Thomais de Fois.

Vocals: Thomais de Fois.

Backing vocals: Thomais de Fois, Vangelis Gialamas.

The album was recorded in Fragile Studio.

               Mix-Master by George Bitsikas ( ).

Thomais de Fois - Holistic Therapy & Arts

In 2020 she released the 2 new singles "Be Yourself" and “Echoes” which are quickly becoming popular in US and Europe.

  “Echoes” is a mystical, bittersweet, ambient, and very atmospheric love song, with aerial vocals, and poetic lyrics, while “Be Yourself” is a groovy Rock song, with powerful vocals, distorted guitars and caustic lyrics.

Besides, she composes Cinematic music that can be used for several projects, such as films, videos, commercial projects etc.


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In January of 2021 she released the new song "A Poem", a Contemporary, Alternative Rock Love Song, Groovy, with dynamics and changes, atmosphere that shows emotional break-down, full orchestration, distorted guitars powerful and expressive vocals-backing vocals.

Her latest release is the song "Stay", an alternative-progressive song, that starts with an atmospheric vibe and changes to a rhythmic and groovy second part. "Stay" as well as "Echoes" were recorded at her home studio, mixed by her, and mastered by Marios Hadjichristos.


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Thomais is represented by BMI International Performing Rights Organization


Piano - Classical Singing - Classical Music Harmony – Classical Music theory - Orchestration –

Music Therapy – Psychology - Nutrition - Skincare & Repair - English Language.


Piano - Guitar - Bass - Percussion - Painting - Photography - Dance (classic, European, Latin).


10 Years of teaching music (piano, singing, guitar, music theory), and English.

20 years of performing in rock and alternative rock music live shows.

10 years of Participation in group and solo exhibitions of painting, photography, art jewellery, decorative object and accessories.

Modern dance performances.

5 years collaboration with National School of Public Health, as secretarial assistance, and security manager.

11 years of bartending.

8 years management in catering business (café/bar).


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Thomais de Fois - IPHM Member - International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine
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