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  Thomais de Fois was born and raised in Athens, Greece, and has French and British ancestry.

  She is a musician (piano-guitar-percussion player), singer, songwriter, music and vocal teacher.

  A professional photographer and digital designer with many participations in solo and team photography exhibitions. She has worked as events' photographer, video and photo editor, and has designed several books' and CD covers, posters, invitations etc.

Her precious partners in photo and video projects are the amazing professionals Takis Kyriakoylakos-MadRay Studios and Konstantinos Salasidis Photography. 

    She's also a jewellery and decorative object designer and creator, who has exhibited her creations many times as well.

  She was the founder of "Art In Rock" which is a festival that used to take place monthly in different locations, and artist from all kind of fine arts could exhibit their work.

  She has been studying for many years about natural diet, health, and beauty, Chinese and Ancient Greek medicine, biology, herbs properties, old remedies, and she is almost ready to launch a beauty-wellness line, with her natural herbal cosmetics and remedies.

  Apart from her artwork, she likes dancing (she studied Latin and European Dances, Contemporary Dance and took ballet lessons when she was a child). Her other habits are painting, studying about health and diet, Chinese and Ancient Greek medicine,  travelling and several sports.

 Take a look of her photography art prints here,

and her handmade jewellery and creations here.


  She started her studies in music at the age of 8, and she received her first certificate in English

at 15 years old. With the help of her teachers (Michalopoulos, Christofilos, Kachramanoglou) she received the Advanced Theory certificate in classical music, Orchestration,classical piano, and singing.

At the same time, she began giving rock concerts, singing and playing the guitar and percussion.

After finishing high school, she began teaching the piano, music theory, singing, and English language.

  Her first creative project was when she was 18 years old. With the band "Pegasus". They released their self-titled album. She signed the music and the lyrics in 3 songs and was the band’s singer, guitarist and keyboard player.

Musicians that performed on this album:

Marinos Stathopoulos: Drums-Vocals.

Antony: Guitars-Bass-Vocals.

Thomais de Fois: Guitars-Keyboards-Vocals.


  In 2016, she released her second music project: the solo album "Part of the Whole".

She signs the lyrics and the music in eight alternative progressive rock songs, orchestrated by her, in co-operation with the bass player Vangelis Gialamas (Fragile Vastness), and the drummer Wil Bow (Thomais de Fois Band-Verbal Delirium). 

A key feature of this album is the variety of music styles that have been used, such as ethnic, symphonic and progressive tunes. Most of the songs gradually change in a dramatical-theatrical way, and gradually build-up, something that makes each song "different" and unique.


                                Listen and buy Her music here

or find the physical CD in Public stores and in Ianos Stores, in Athens. 










Musicians that performed on this album:

Guitars: Thomais de Fois, Vangelis Gialamas, Dimitris Koutsoukis, Tasos Vrettakis.

Piano: Thomais de Fois.

Keyboards: Thomais de Fois, Vangelis Gialamas.

Bass: Vangelis Gialamas, Tasos Vretakis.

Drums: Vasilis Armaos (Wil Bow).

Percussions: Thomais de Fois.

Vocals: Thomais de Fois.

Backing vocals: Thomais de Fois, Vangelis Gialamas.

The album was recorded in Fragile Studio.

Mix-Master by George Bitsikas ( )

  Nowadays she is writing, composing and recording her third album, which is expected to be released within 2020.

The new single "Be Yourself" was released in February 2020 and a video clip will follow soon.

  She keeps on rocking with her band and with the "Power Acoustic Duet" with Stavros Karidas.



Piano - Singing - Harmony – Music theory - Orchestration – English



Guitar - Painting - Photography - Dance (classic, European, Latin)



10 Years of teaching music (the piano, vocals, the guitar, music theory), and English.


Participation in group and solo exhibitions of painting, photography, art jewelry, decorative object and accessories.


Modern dance performances.

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Resume / CV

Vangelis Yalamas

Producer - Fragile Studio



Wil Bow



Stavros Karidas

Ac. Guitar-Vocals-Harmonica


Nick Kontos



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