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 Thomais de Fois was born in Athens, and has French - British ancestry, and had been living in The Netherlands.

Thomais is a certified Holistic Medicine Practitioner, member of IPHM, she has Studies in Holistic Therapy, based on Herbal Medicine, Music & Art Therapy, Psychology, Diet & Nutritional Therapy, Skincare & Repair, continues her researches in health, beauty and wellbeing, treating several diseases & conditions with herbal-natural remedies & Nutritional Therapy, organic skin care & repair products, counselling sessions with Art lessons, Nutritional advice, Psychological support, physical activities, and writes articles about health, beauty & wellbeing.

  She is a musician (piano-guitar-bass-keyboards-percussion player), singer, songwriter, composer, music & vocal teacher, has her own Band and Discography.

 She's a freelance Photographer - Dancer (classic, European, Latin), Jewellery -Crafts Designer, and she has many years of experience in the food & beverage business, as bartender, manager and owner.

 She's the founder and manager of "Art in Rock". This project was established in 2009, and has the form of a festival, including exhibitions, presentations, live music shows, video-music-photography-publications production, and monthly events took place in several locations, with the participations of many recognized and new artists, such as musicians, writers, painters, photographers, sculptors, ceramists, jewellers, designers, poets, and more.

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Thomais de Fois - Holistic Therapy & Arts
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Thomais de Fois - IPHM Member - International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine
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