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Holistic Therapy

Thomais de Fois - Holistic Therapy & Arts

  What is Holistic Medicine?

  Holistic Medicine, also known as Holistic Therapy, involves treating conditions by considering every aspect of a human being. The term "Holistic" originates from the Greek word "Όλον," meaning "Whole."

As Holistic Therapists, we delve into our clients' physical, emotional, nutritional, and psychological statuses to comprehensively understand them for successful treatment.

  Additionally, we conduct a thorough examination to identify factors contributing to a problem and concentrate on correcting them. Our approach doesn't involve merely masking symptoms with painkillers, antibiotics, or other side-effect-inducing methods, as unfortunately observed in Western Medicine.

  For instance, if a client seeks help with conditions like Eczema or Dermatitis, we provide treatments such as creams to alleviate symptoms. Simultaneously, we inquire about their physical condition, medical history, nutritional habits, daily life details, and their thoughts and feelings about potential changes needed for a holistic cure. This journey towards overall health improvement may involve rejecting specific harmful products from their lives, and we assess whether they are willing to embark on this path.

Thomais de Fois - Holistic Therapy & Arts
Thomais de Fois - Holistic Therapy & Arts
Thomais de Fois - IPHM Member - International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine
holistic medicine - thomais de fois
Thomais de Fois - Holistic Therapy & Arts

  It's important to understand how our psychological state influences daily decisions, from our choices in eating, exercising, working, to how we communicate. Likewise, our nutrition significantly impacts our psychological and emotional well-being, hormonal balance, and physical strength. Our physical condition affects our mental and emotional and so on. Everything is connected..!

  We are a complete organism comprised of blood, skin, organs, bones, brains, soul, and emotions. By thoroughly examining every facet of our existence and harnessing the power of natural and herbal remedies, such as tinctures, creams, supplements, teas, compresses, oils, etc., as needed, we can successfully treat a myriad of health conditions, and I'm grateful that I have this chance in life, to help people and see them heal ❤️

Note that: Nutritional Therapy & the Protection of ourselves from Harmful Chemicals are the most powerful ways we have to secure our health!!       "We are what we eat" "Our food, our Medicine" Hippocrates.

You'll discover much about health in my articles.


  I will soon share the lists of my therapeutic products & cosmetics, recipes meticulously formulated after years of studies and research. Between us, I've gained more valuable and updated knowledge from my research than from my formal studies :)

Importantly, each treatment, after considering your medical history, will be personalized. This tailored approach is crucial for ensuring the effectiveness and safety of the treatment plan.

 If you require immediate help for a health issue, please don't hesitate to contact me directly. Alternatively, to streamline the process and save time, consider filling out the "Health Condition & Medical History" form that I've designed. This form is crafted to simplify the information-gathering process with minimal writing required and will be promptly delivered to my email.

*The information you provide is strictly confidential and will only be accessed, stored, and studied by me, and they are protected by the Medical Confidentiality Law.

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