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Thomais de Fois

IPHM member

International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

Thomais de Fois - Holistic Therapy & Arts - Card back

 "They say that art is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for this creator
  Thomais is a Certified Holistic Therapist, skilled researcher, and uses her
studies in the fields of Holistic & Herbal Therapy, Nutrition, Skincare & Skin Therapy, Art - Music Therapy & Psychology to help, giving solutions, and write Researches and Articles about healthier choices we can easily make, regarding everything in our life.
  Based on this principles, she is preparing to launch her
organic-natural and anhydrous cosmetics, with Anti-ageing, repairing, and therapeutical properties.
  She expresses herself through her
Music, as a skilled Musician and Singer, with many years of experience in the live shows, she composes and writes the music and the lyrics in her discography, things that resulted from her studies in Classic Music, Classic Singing, Advanced Classic Music Theory, and Music-Singing Teaching.
  Besides, she is being creative by designing
Unique Jewellery with semi-precious stones, precious metals, leather, and more natural elements, she loves Photography, she's being participating in exhibitions for years, and has modelled for some specific, creative projects, such as her album promo photoshoot.
  She adores Nature, sports, and spending time alone to meditate and allow her creativity to flourish. She despises tension, anything unnatural, and toxic.
Take a tour in her site, and discover everything about her"

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Thomais de Fois - Holistic Therapy & Arts
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