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How to make natural, herbal non-toxic, INCENSE!!

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

As we've already analysed the power of the smells, and how they affect our psychology and our body in this article of the natural candle making (very useful to read), let's go straight to the simple and not messy process of making our own incense, at home, using our favourite, therapeutic, cleansing ingredients

Enjoy!! :)

First of, we gather our ingredients. As you can see, there's no limit to that. We can choose herbs, seeds, and spices such as rosemary, sage, thyme, bay, lavender, eucalyptus, cinnamon, pepper etc, and any dried herb you want to include in your incense, according to your liking and it's properties. Some are relaxing, some antibacterial, and others help with the negative energy.

For sure, you will need a natural resin, such as copal, myrrh, frankincense etc, which are flammable, and will work as the binding agent of your incense cones, combined with some water. About 30% of resin in your final mixture (1/3) will ensure a good burning.

Let your imagination go wild ;)

The second step is to grind everything up, until you have a smooth, homogenized powder.

Here I used a granite mortar and pestle, because I like the process :), but you can use a coffee grinder, or a strong blender. In that case you will need some more time to clean the device, as resins are a little bit sticky, especially when they are heated, and the blenders heat up quickly.

Here are my powdered ingredients.

At this point, you can smell your mix, and decide if you want to enhance the tones of one or more of your ingredients, and add essentials oils. The aroma that you create at this step will show you how your incense cones will smell, and keep in mind that you'll burn them, so you'll also have the scent of smoke.

Now mix well. I use bare hands, only because I enjoy feeling everything, and that the scent stays for long on my skin, but I suggest using rubber gloves, so that you won't have to be rubbing and washing your hands for ages after messing with the sticky resins, as I had to do :P

Next step, and now be careful, we add water very slowly, kneading well, until we create a solid and quite hard dough. This will bind everything, and we'll be able to shape our incense cones.

Again, be careful with the amount of water you add. Too much will make the mix runny, more sticky, and you won't be able to do the shaping.

....start shaping the cones :)

At this point I experimented a little, covering some cones with activated charcoal powder, to see if it makes any difference regarding the scent and the burning quality of my cones, but I think it's useless, and it adds smokiness to the scent, something I don't like a lot. You can always try ideas ;)

Dirty hands again lol, thankfully charcoal is easily cleaned with just water.

Now we need to let them dry completely. You can wait for them to dry naturally, especially if there's not too much humidity at your place, or put them in the oven at very-VERY low heat (under 50C) to speed up the process. They'd dry within a few minutes. The more water you added, the longer it will take for them to dry.

And now you can light, burn and enjoy your handmade / home-made pure incense cones, in the relaxing atmosphere you created.

Feel good and reward your self with some quality time, with some calming music, some meditation, or a good book...and love... Spread love!

I burn mine in a safe, small, thick glass container, filled with sand that I collected in Mani-Greece, and some Himalayan salt, for their pure and strong energy, for banishing negative energy, and for their humidity absorbing properties... :)

The burning resulted excellent!

When you light them, allow the flame lit for a few seconds, and then blow the flame, and let the incense cones to slowly burn and smoke.

Seriously... This batch was a very spontaneous choice of ingredients, and I followed no recipe. When I lit them.... I started saying, "it's's divine!!!" Then I kept notes for this recipe ;)

The natural cones burning lasts long, in general, so when you want to stop burning them, you can dip them in the sand/salt mixture.


-In case your dough isn't sticky enough to hold its shape and burn nicely, and in case after drying there are cracks, you'll probably need to raise the resin proportion.

-Always keep notes about your ingredients and calculations, in order to be able to repeat the recipe you liked, and to do improvements if needed.

-If you don't have easy access to sea sand, you can use just salt, or even dry soil, or ash to keep your candle stable, safe, and be able to put the burning out.

-You don't need to remove the ash from the burnt cones. They burn nicely placed on ash.

-There are several types of mould that you can buy and use to shape your incense, but I find it more messy, and not necessary.

-You can always give a stick shape to your incense, or any other shape you like. Just experiment to make sure that you have a proper burning.

- Now that the World Economic Forum decided that we have to be fed with save the planet...and our g0v3rnments follow the order...sorry...we have to be extra careful with the additives carmine, NF(mealworm), and chitin, which are dried-powdered bugs. Highly toxic, can cause asthma, allergies, and autoimmune diseases, can not be properly digested by the human system, can cause CANCER....and please do some research on that!!!

-Of course, same as in the candle making process we saw, we don't waste anything here as well. In case we need to make improvements, we can powder again our incense, and add powdered ingredients and essential oils or resins, alone with a small amount of water, and repeat the process.

-As I always say, do your research about everything you use in your life, and make wise choices!!

-Be Always cautious, and supervise a burning incense, especially when there are little kids around, don't put it near heat sources, and don't put flammable objects near it.

I hope you enjoy this creative and relaxing process, and remember, to always create with love! Everything is charged by our energy...and love is the best therapy...!

In case you need anything, please feel free to contact me, offering is always a pleasure to me.

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Loads of Love,

Thomais de Fois

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