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One more step for me... & how focusing on a goal, a study, a new skill, can save our mental health!!

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Loads of love,

Thomais de Fois

One more step for me... & how focusing on a goal, a study, a new skill, can save our mental health!! Thomais de Fois

I’m communicating this short article with you, not only to share with you some important experiences of mine, but most importantly, to explain that just by putting some effort on something that interest us, we can focus on the progress, and help our psychological state.

I’ll start with what happened in the beginning of the virus paranoia, in 2020, when the Greek Government decided that citizens who legally make their living by performing their arts, paying taxes should be banned from working, and be excluded from all support measures…FOR ONE YEAR!! Yes, as a musician, I was left with no income for almost 1 year….and with no explanation…

I’ve been researching in several fields, including the global politics, so I already knew that this was not a situation that would end soon, and as we all already know…our human rights, freedoms, privacy, and personal data…were about to be taken from us, globally.

As the WEF states officially, we must enter the 4th Industrial Revolution (read it here), and live like prisoners in “15 minute Cities”. Paris is starting (read it here) …

And surveillance is becoming extreme by law, giving governments access even to our phones!! (read it here & here)

Are the events random…? We’ll see…

So, these facts, very soon, made me develop severe depression, with daily panic attacks, bleeding nose, and fainting…

My condition lasted about 3 years. In these 3 years I wasn’t even able to go out of my home.

I was completely alone with my cat, who was a sweet support to me, but I had lost friends who “lost it” with the virus paranoia, I had losses, friends who had moved away… and no money for professional support…

Besides, most people who wanted to approach me then...didn't have innocent intentions...

I don’t want to write more here, but you can read this revealing interview I gave some time ago, if you are interested in my history since I was a kid… it might be useful, or inspiring to some…

Thomais de Fois

So after 2,5 years of straggling… I eventually discovered that some decent colleges had started to accept students for online programs, with huge discounts!!

This is when I decided to focus on studying and get as many certifications as I could for the knowledge I had gained after so many years of research!! It was successful. Useful also.

The point is that I was so determined to do something to get me out of this edgy situation, that I focused only on studying!! And to be able to focus, I had to push away my negative thoughts, my fears, and my sadness, and avoid thinking of my depression and panic attacks.

Long story short…. This saved my life! Literally!!

Besides, the creative focus on my studies, every little achievement, every good grade, and every complimented project from my professors, gave me the feeling of self-acceptance, self-respect, and self-esteem back!

I had completely lost them for years.

I started to feel some moments of joy again, some relaxation, some peace… and I slowly started getting out of the house, going to safe – familiar places, without being afraid that I'd faint in the middle of the road.

And in the fourth year of this despised adventure, I returned to work as the manager of a new Rock venue, which I made successful very soon.

Of course, it was not an easy task… as I had to work all day from home to organise everything, from the employees, to the events, the promotion, & advertisements, the artwork… and be there every night to welcome the customers from my social circles….

It was too soon for me to be largely exposed to the crowd, to any kind of people… without any considerable support, and the collaboration was “tough”…

The panic attacks started again… and that’s why, after a year, I realised that I had to stop, to regain my strength and peace of mind, and start building my personal projects, which I had left due to the lack of time.

But. Staying again at home 24/7, with all the insecurity that it causes…. I started feeling depressed, again…..

And this is the point when I remembered how I got out of this, last time.


So, some time ago, I managed to make one more step, and I experienced again the soothing results of one more small achievement.

This achievement also brings me closer to my goal with my cosmetics. It’s healthy progress.

So, my dear ones, I want to encourage you, every time you feel trapped, sad, weak, depressed, scared…take a step back, a deep breath, think of something that you’re really interested in, FOCUS, and DO IT!!

Even if it’s research on a subject that you want to learn about, an online class (there are many affordable courses online), learning a new skill, art, or experimenting with something interesting…. it can be anything you’d love… AND DO IT !!!

No second thoughts!!

This can only do good for you. You have nothing to lose if you try :)

Scrolling on Facebook, and all those “Fake Reality” platforms…will only make you feel bad…

By the way, facebook has banned my site, after my article about the hidden insects in our foods, and how to avoid them :P

Check it out.

hidden insects in our foods, and how to avoid them. Thomais de Fois

So here is my latest additions to the “collection”.

One more step for me... & how focusing on a goal, a study, a new skill, can save our mental health!! Thomais de Fois

One more step for me... & how focusing on a goal, a study, a new skill, can save our mental health!! Thomais de Fois

One more step for me... & how focusing on a goal, a study, a new skill, can save our mental health!! Thomais de Fois

As for my cosmetics, after years of research, testing, and studying natural ways to help with different conditions, I’ve helped several people deal with problems ranging from acne and psoriasis, to musculoskeletal problems, irritations and allergies, dryness, and with some nutritional improvements and techniques to control ourselves, to relax, and to do things mindfully, we can improve the quality of our lives a lot.

Approaching a subject from every possible point of view, is the reason why I needed to gain valuable knowledge in the 4 Fields that are absolutely connected with each other, and one affects another.

Skincare - Thomais de Fois

A funny fact

I recently discovered that dyslexia, which I have, and which belongs to the autism spectrum, is not a disability, actually, but a different way of seeing things. We need a 3D point of view in order to understand things.

That’s why it’s hard for people with dyslexia to read and write… as it is something linear, 2-dimensional…

Exactly what I wrote above, the "3D" approach is the combination of fields in my studies.

Nutrition - Psychology & Music Therapy - Exercise, supported by Skincare & Detox.

You’ll find my full biography at the end of the article.

That’s it for today,

Thank you for being here and giving me the opportunity to share my personal experiences with you, and if I could be useful to some, that would make me really happy!!

If you feel like sharing my post to facebook, due to its attack to me, you can use this safe link (PDF file), or my LinkedIn post.

Be strong, love yourself, make calming, useful, and creative progress in your life, and if you need it, just contact me directly.

I’ll keep working to achieve my goals, and I’ll keep you informed.

Take a tour of my blog, you’ll find many articles about how we can protect our health, and recipes.

Subscribe, as I upload articles almost weekly.

*my site is used and directed only by me. No one has access to your email, and no one collects visitor information from me. These are my principles!

And remember, to always create with love! Everything is charged by our energy...and love is the best therapy...!

One more step for me... & how focusing on a goal, a study, a new skill, can save our mental health!! Thomais de Fois

Thank you all for your support, and your most amazing encouraging messages!!!!

They give me strength…and I’m so touched…!!

Loads of love,

Thomais de Fois

Due to copyright, you may republish the entire article, not part of it, and without crediting the source.

All rights reserved © Thomais de Fois 2023

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