Thomais de Fois - My Beauty Secret that saves the Bees!

From Natural Beeswax, to an amazing face cream!

Did you know that bees are threatened of extinction? They are.

Did you know that if bees die, humanity dies? It does.

Did you know that the only ones who protect and save our bees are the beekeepers? They are.

Did you know that the beekeepers can continue to protect our bees only by selling their products.

Have you ever thought that by buying natural honey, beeswax and propolis directly from the beekeepers, we help the bees to survive, as well? I believe that this is important...

Some of you know that I don't consume animal products, but I address this especially to my vegan’s a mistake to think that by buying bee products directly from the beekeepers is like we take advantage of the bees, that we destroy their homes, their food etc, etc... Just take some time and think about it, do your research on the topic, and please, make your own decisions...!

My friend, Stelios, is an excellent beekeeper. He's always on the mountains, constantly moving his bees from place to place, to make sure that they are safe, and that they are fed from the best quality Greek nature's herbs, trees and flowers.

Now I will show you how we can easily filter a solid piece of beeswax (built outside a bee hive), in order to remove impurities like small pieces of leaves, woods, etc, and how we can use it to create face creams, combining the beeswax with honey, propolis, oils, herbs, vitamins, etc.

I've almost finished the University of Leeds program "Causes of Human Disease", and I was amused by the harm we do to our health, not only by adopting a toxic diet and habits, from the atmospheric and water pollution, but also by using cosmetics that contain artificial preservatives, stabilizers, colours, emulsifiers, aromas, etc.

It's so easy to avoid them.

Most face creams contain about 70-80 % water. And since our skin is absolutely waterproof having an oily barrier, most of the ingredients in water based creams, are not being absorbed, unfortunately they just evaporate... Besides, a cosmetic product that contains even a small amount of water absolutely needs one or more preservatives, as bacteria can develop and survive in a humid environment that contains water.

So formulating a face cream that contains no water at all (anhydrous) is the safest thing to do for our health and our skin. We avoid toxic chemicals, irritations, allergies, etc. All the nutrients will be absorbed by our skin, since they are oil based, which means that they can penetrate the natural oily barrier of our skin, and reach the deeper layers. The natural oils and the beeswax do not clog pores, and in combination with the right essential oils (tea tree, rosemary, cedarwood, etc) and vitamins such as Vit. E, A(Retinol), B, C, are extremely beneficial for acne conditions, and breakouts! And, don't forget! Everything we put on our skin ends up in the bloodstream...feeding our whole body and brain. So, please, check all the ingredients in the products you use, and research about each one, before you choose!

This is what I only use to treat my skin. Only beeswax, the magical extra virgin olive oil, and I enrich it by infusing unprocessed frankincense resin, flower and herbs. I add vitamins and essential oils, honey, and propolis. All these ingredients are antimicrobial, nourishing, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, healing, they fight free radicals, they are anti-cancerogenic, help with skin conditions, such as acne and psoriasis, and they are safe even if swallowed! The low acidity from the virgin olive oil restores our skin's natural acidity, which is the first fighter of our immune system, and it's being disrupted by the highly alkaline soaps. Needless to say that this cream has saved my hands' skin from the winter cracks, and from the irritation that working with metals for my jewellery causes.

Please, spend some time to read about the beneficial properties of each ingredient I mention. You'll do a favour to yourself ;)

And I'll share a secret with you. The most powerful natural skin tightening flower is hibiscus!! I never skip this one :)

Now, let's start with the filtering process.

All we have to do is wrap our solid beeswax in a thin cotton cloth, or cheesecloth, tie it securely, and place it in our kitchen oven, on an oven rack above a container filled with some water. By using water, we avoid ending up with our wax stuck in our container.

The temperature we need for the beeswax filtering is about 60 to 70 Celsius degrees, maximum! We don't want to burn our wax, and destroy all its beneficial properties. It's a quite slow process, for this amount of wax, so be patient, its worth it :)

Our wax will slowly melt, and you can watch the drops fall in the water.

The cloth will then hold only the impurities. Once the dripping has stopped, we may open the oven, let the wax cool down to the point that you can touch it, then we can squeeze the cloth to save the last drops of wax.

After the wax has completely solidified, we are good to remove the rack and the container from our oven. We then remove the wax from the container and place it on a kitchen towel to dry, for a couple of minutes. That's it. Delicious :) I enjoy so much the smell of the natural beeswax!