Delicious Probiotic-Fermented Tomato-Pepper Sauce to boost our Immune System, Health and Metabolism.

Let’s have some fun in our kitchen, using science to benefit our health!

Read the information, and you will watch the processing video at the end of the article.

We are about to prepare a quintessential probiotic sauce, which preserves all the vitamins from our ingredients, the enzymes, the flavours, the taste, protects our immune system,

speeds up our metabolism, helps with weight loss, helps to lower cholesterol, it's beneficial for diabetes, enhances the production of endorphins, which are the hormones of joy and improve our mood (especially now that depression affects a huge percentage of the population), and helps to balance our hormones, helps with skin conditions (our skin is a large gland, and rejects toxins from our body), and diabetes!

Before we get to the preparation of the sauce, it is important to understand the benefits of the probiotics.

I'm sure you've heard your doctor recommend consuming yogurt when using antibiotics to treat a condition. Yogurt contains probiotics.

The bad thing in this case is that the probiotics in yogurt are accompanied by antibiotics, and added hormones, which are passed on to the milk of the farmed animal,

because the legislation requires the use of antibiotics by any producer who targets consumers.

(look up Codex Alimentarius).

Antibiotics not only kill the bacteria or viruses that have infected us, but also the beneficial bacteria in the body (microbial gut flora), which make up our immune system. So instead of boosting our immune system, we put more strain on it.

Another serious problem that results from the killing of beneficial bacteria in our body is the lack of vitamin B12, which is a common phenomenon.

Unfortunately, there is considerable misinformation about B12, and a lot of myths!

One of the most widespread (and dangerous) one is that B12 is contained in animal foods, and that our bodies absorb it by eating them.

The reality is that vitamin B12 is produced in our bodies by beneficial gut bacteria, during the metabolism of plant foods. Therefore, as we destroy our immune bacteria, the production of this vitamin is reduced.

Finally, given that we feed from the gut and not from the mouth, or the stomach... as long as we consume animal fibres, which are not properly metabolized by the human metabolic system, as it has a very long intestine (8-13 meters), unlike carnivores (3 meters), and a slow metabolism compared to carnivores, resulting in the formation of mucus in the intestinal walls, which prevents the uptake of beneficial nutrients, and is also responsible for autoimmune diseases and inflammation.

Let's not forget that since the times of Hippocrates and Dioscurides, this has been known to science.

"We are what we eat"

"All disease starts in the gut"

Of course, modern medicine focuses on treating the symptoms, not the problem, so modern man suffers in large numbers from autoimmune diseases, such as cancer, allergies, skin problems resulting from toxin elimination (the skin is a gland, and eliminates toxins from the body), obesity, hormonal imbalances, psychological disorders and much more!

Medicine suggests probiotics in cases of dysentery, lactose intolerance, indigestion etc, they have no side effects, and are safe to be taken by children, and pregnant women.