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Safe & healthy kitchenware to replace the toxic/poisonous ones that we researched!!

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Safe & healthy kitchenware to replace the toxic/poisonous ones that we researched!! Thomais de Fois

In my previous article I presented my research about all the toxic-poisonous utensils & cookware we use, and now we’ll go through the safe alternatives we have to replace them, and their characteristics.

Cooking has to be healing…not poisonous…!

Let’s start with the common, metallic spoons, spatulas, and tongues we use in daily cooking.

We can easily replace them with wooden ones!

They are cheap, they don’t change the temperature of our cooking food when steering or tasting, and, seriously, they don’t need maintenance!! I mean it, I’ll show you.

Have a look at some I found on the internet.

And these are mine.

Look at the one I always use. I have it for 15 years, and I’ve never done anything to maintain it. I cook, and wash it as I do with everything else.

Some say that we have to oil them, that they are porous and will absorb bacteria… Nothing has ever happened, and the high temperatures of cooking sterilises them.

Next, let’s see the cast iron choice.

We talked about the toxicity of the iron pans, but we can avoid that, by buying a good quality cast iron pan with a porcelain enamel. It’s non-porous, extra healthy, its warmed up evenly and cooks the foods perfectly, and it can be used in the oven too.

It has the advantage to retain the heat, so we can turn it down sooner, save energy, and it’ll keep our food warm for long.

With this choice, we have to be careful with the enamel. We must use only wooden spoons for steering, as we don’t want the enamel to flake!

We won’t put it in the dishwasher, instead, we’ll add some room temperature, or warm water in it, to soften the burnt leftovers, and we’ll hand-wash it with a regular sponge and dish soap, after finishing our meal :)

Here is mine.

And here cooking some pasta and green peas.

Yes, one pot DELICIOUS pasta, and one pot green peas. All the recipes will be uploaded here soon!! :)

Cooking in one pot, also saves time and energy!

Excellent defrosting in the pan, and cooking. The pan tolerates those temperature differences! :)

Similar to these pans are the wonderful Dutch ovens!! You can use them on electric, and gas stoves, in the oven, and on fire!! You can create super-delicious meals with them, as they also distribute the heat evenly, and retain it for long!! You can even bake bread with them!! Just make sure, before you buy them, that they are enamel (porcelain) coated! They are a bit more expensive, but with proper care, they last for a life time!!

Here are some photos from the net, since I have to buy one of these, to replace my stainless steel ones, and maybe find a way to repurpose them. If you have any ideas, I’d love to read them :) leave your comment bellow, or sent me a message.

The next available alternative is glass.

In order to withstand the high temperatures, the glass must be tempered, just like Pyrex.

They can be used for cooking and washed in the dishwasher.

Here are some examples from the internet.

And here, I couple I have at home.

The truth is that I don’t use them often. I always prefer the wooden ones for cooking, and I might use those for serving. I just want you to know what’s available in the market.

Safe & healthy kitchenware to replace the toxic/poisonous ones that we researched!! Thomais de Fois

Another replacement for the toxic and poisonous pots and pans is tempered glass, for pots and pans.

Here we see some lovely pots that we can use on electric and gas stoves, in the oven, microwave (avoid it. I’ll write about how microwaving causes cancer. Stay tuned), and in the dishwasher.

Here we have the glass pans.

And the classic baking pan/tray.

Well, the industry pays all those super, high, mega, extra special Master Chefs, to show us how to cook….CANCER. With all those non-stick, aluminium, silicon…etc cookware…

Like if we don’t fly the food in the air, make it dance, make it sing, and I don’t know what else they’ll think to do…but just steer it with a wooden spoon, it won’t cook properly, and it won’t be delicious!!

Sorry, We won’t bite it..

Don’t let those trends affect your judgement. They are paid from the Elite, which basically is the medical industry and the bankers. They make money from our sickness!

So, here I cook some rice in a class pot, on my electric stove.

I never had to control the heating temperature, and they never cracked from the thermal shock.

We can replace the toxic plastic containers that we use to refrigerate and freeze our foods (something that makes them even more poisonous) with glass, and tempered glass containers, which are resistant to thermal shock, and can withstand sudden changes in temperature, as when manufactured, tempered class utensils are heated in extremely high heat, and then exposed to low temperatures.

If you use common glass containers, just make sure that the food you are freezing is at room temperature or slightly cool before placing it in the glass container. This will help to prevent the glass from cracking due to rapid temperature changes.

Also, leave some space at the top of the container to allow for expansion as the food freezes. This will prevent the glass from cracking due to pressure from the expanding food.

If you use this type of thick glass container that comes with a soft, almost elastic lid, you can leave some space at the top, so that your food won’t come into contact with the plastic, it will not crack in the freezer, and you can put more containers on top.

I’ve tested it, and it works ;)

These containers are not expensive! And our health deserves this kind of expense…

The next choice we have is clay and porcelain. Ceramics. Mother Earth!!!

They can withstand very high temperatures, and they are as safe as glass. Nor glass or ceramic will release any toxic particles in our food.

And we can use them to cook, reheat, in the refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher, as well.

Here are some examples from the internet.

Ceramic spoons, and bawls.

Ceramic pots.

The great advantage of clay & ceramic cookware is that they heat up evenly, we can turn the heat down before the food is completely cooked, and save energy!! Besides, serving a meal in a ceramic bawl will keep it warm till the end!! Yummy.

Not to mention how beautiful they look, with so many unique designs and colours…!

I’ve become obsessed with them!!!!

Here is my obsession :)

I use them for cooking, and serving!

Safe & healthy kitchenware to replace the toxic/poisonous ones that we researched!! Thomais de Fois

As you can see, I have the cheapest kind of clay bawl-pot here, which we can find everywhere, or keep it after ordering from a restaurant, or from the yogurt you bought!


Heating the pasta I made earlier, after defrosting it naturally.

I always cook large quantities of food, and freeze it in portions, to save time and energy!

Safe & healthy kitchenware to replace the toxic/poisonous ones that we researched!! Thomais de Fois

Cooking the loveliest potatoes, with herbs, and homemade mustard!! Subscribe to not miss the recipes ;)

Safe & healthy kitchenware to replace the toxic/poisonous ones that we researched!! Thomais de Fois

Boiling some eggs.

Safe & healthy kitchenware to replace the toxic/poisonous ones that we researched!! Thomais de Fois

Here I’m boiling some Basmati rice, to combine with the delicious, buttery Lima Beans that I defrosted today naturally, for a full protein meal!

I’ll add some of my fermented, super healthy, probiotic sauce, in the end, to speed up my metabolism, and boost my immune system!! It’s easily made, with tomatoes, peppers, several vegetables, herbs, and healing spices!! Read the recipe here.

Cooking and serving healing lentils with ginger and sage (recipe, soon), with my unique, rustic, herbal, low gluten bread (read how to make it).

This combination creates a super bioavailable protein, as it contain all the amino-acids our body needs to create protein.

*Forget the myth the “Elite” spreads, that protein is meat… or cockroaches!!! We create protein in our bodies if we make correct food combinations!!

Yes!! The rustic clay pots are my favourite!!! I feel closer to the nature, I’m a slow eater, so I enjoy warm food for long, and there are many beautiful and colourful designs you can find in the markets, or even lovely handmade pieces.

I’m thinking of painting mine, with enamel :)

Now, I consider it important to read my research about all the toxic cookware they sell us, and all these “good people” I mentioned before, who care about health, allow in the markets, instead of banning them!!!

Just to know better what to throw away.

One more article I’d like you to read, if you haven’t yet, to protect your health, is my research about the freaking bugs they put in our foods, how to detect and avoid them!!

And to inspire you more,

here you can see how you can make your healthy and safe skincare products, anhydrous cosmetics, using only natural ingredients!!

And here, how you can easily make incense from herbs and spices, and natural, herbal candles to avoid all the toxic and allergenic ingredients in the industrial products, with all my research about the health issues such store-bought products can cause icluded!!

I hope you enjoyed this article - research, and I’d be more than happy to know that I helped you make healthier choices for your daily meals :)


When I posted my research about the insects in our foods, just within 3 days, 38.000 people reposted it!

What happened next? Facebook attacked my site!! They do not allow us to post articles, my music…anything!

Of course they would…they don’t want us to talk about the “system’s crimes” against our health..!

So, if you want to post this article on facebook, messenger, and instagram (same company), for safety reasons you can use this link (PDF file), or my YouTube spot

In case you need more directions, or have any questions, feel free to contact me directly, or leave your comment bellow. I'm always happy to help!!

*my site is used and directed only by me. No one has access to your email, and no one collects visitor information from me. These are my principles!

Thank you all for your support, and your most amazing encouraging messages!!!!

I’m so touched!!

And remember! Always create with love! Everything is charged by our energy...and love is the best therapy...!

Loads of Love,

Thomais de Fois

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