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Updated: Nov 28, 2023

ONE POT HEALING, NUTRITIOUS, HEALTHY PASTA !! Recipe & Properties - Thomais de Fois

Eating pasta can be a pleasant experience, but there are also ways to enjoy it without feeling guilty of loading yourself with useless carbs and gluten..!

Here is my recipe for a one-pot meal, full of protein, essential nutrients, and therapeutic properties!

Let’s start with the pasta we are going to choose.

We should reject white flour from our diet, as it’s not only useless, but also bland tasting, and full of added gluten. We have great alternatives to choose from, such as whole grain pasta, or, even better, pasta made of legumes and seeds, like Chickpeas, lentils, buckwheat, etc. which will provide the essential amino-acids our body needs to create protein, they are full of dietary fibre, and can be also be deliciously flavoured with vegetables, like spinach, carrots, etc. healing herbs and spices.

Yes. As I always say, forget the myth that protein is meat. It’s created by the pharma-industry (guess why…).

*Subscribe, as I will soon upload an article to show you how we can easily make our own pasta from well soaked seeds!! Read everything about the precious legumes, seeds, and why soaking them is important!

Now let’s see the ingredients that will accompany our pasta. My recipe is for 4 servings. Adjust as you like!

· Half a package of penne, pasta (or any pasta you prefer).

· Green Peas / 2 cups (frozen)

A great source of essential amino-acids (thing that the protein powders sold by gyms are made of peas, or brown rice, soy, and diary by-products. Example from a gym). They also contain essential phytonutrients, such as iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin C, A, E, B dietary fibre, chlorophyll, anti-oxidants, and more. (Read more. WebMD)

· Spinach / 1 cup (frozen)

Full of vitamins & minerals, such as vitamins K1, C, A, B6, B9, E, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and beneficial compounds such as lutein, zeaxanthin, and more, providing important health benefits.

· Carrots / 1 cup (1 large, or 2 small)

Rich in vitamin A, K1, B6, Biotin, potassium, dietary fibres, antioxidant carotenoids, alpha & beta carrotene, lycopene, anthocyanins, and amazing health benefits! (Read more here. Healthline)

· Ginger / 1 Ts (Tablespoon, powdered)

A powerful booster to our immune system, containing medical gingerol, treats morning sickness, helps with osteoarthritis, with high blood sugar, chronic indigestion, reduces menstrual pain, cancer risk, Alzheimer’s disease risk, it is highly anti-inflammatory, and contains essential vitamins like C, and minerals. (Read more. Healthline)

· Turmeric / 1 Ts

Another medicinal herb, containing the immunity boosting curcumin compound, with anti-inflammatory properties that help with heart protection, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, depression, skin conditions, liver damage, acts as an anti-oxidant & anti-ageing, helps the brain to create new neurons, it is anti-bacterial & anti-fungal. In order to increase its bioavailability, it’s important to consume turmeric with oil (it’s oil soluble), and with black pepper, due to its piperine compound, which enhances the curcumin’s absorption by 2.000%. (Read more here. Healthline)

· Garlic / 1-2 cloves (fresh), or 1 teaspoon powdered.

One more medicinal and powerful herb, with proven therapeutic power since the ancient times, when antibiotics where not yet present. It’s rich in beneficial bioactive compounds, such as alliin, allicin, kaempferol , flavonoids, flavanols, tannins organic sulphides, saponins, polysaccharides, 17 amino-acids, potassium , phosphorus zinc, and sulfur, selenium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, vitamin A, C, B-complex and more, which give garlic its anti-carcinogenic , anti-inflammation, properties, and the property to protect our cardiovascular system, skin, metabolism, bones, to help with diabetes, and more (Read here. Pub.Med)

· Sage / 1 full T.s. dried or fresh(chopped).

About sage…I will start by saying that it’s a compound that I never exclude from my dishes, and my skincare routine. You can imagine its healing and protective power! Let me remind you, this point, that whatever we apply on our skin ends up in our bloodstream. And if you’re interested, here is how I produce my therapeutic, anti-ageing skincare cream.

how to make my beauty secret - Thomais de Fois

The Chinese people have a saying about sage, since the ancient times. They say “Greeks shouldn’t suffer from disease. Greeks have sage”.

A medicinal herb, full of vitamins A, C, E, K, B6, iron, calcium, manganese, zinc, therapeutic essential oil, anti-oxidants, it’s antimicrobial, anti-carcinogenic, anti-ageing, helps to ease menopause symptoms, lowers blood sugar & cholesterol, fights skin conditions, and more. (Read here. Healthline)

· Rosemary / 1 teaspoon dried or fresh (chopped).

One more medicinal herb which is proven that acts as an anti-depressant, spasmolytic, anti-tumorigenic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal, neuroprotective, improves mood, sleep, memory, learning, pain, helps with anxiety issues, nervous system disorders, headache, dysmenorrhea, stomach-ache, rheumatic pain, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, addictions, skin conditions, hair nourishment, due to its content in terpenoids, alkaloids , flavonoids , essential oils, phenolic acids. (Read more. PubMed)

I also always include rosemary in my daily dishes and skincare-haircare products !

· Thyme / 1 t.s.

One more medicinal herb, that is also used in skincare, loaded with, protein, vitamins, flavonoids, antioxidants, proteins, essential oils, it’s anti-inflammatory, antineoplastic, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, and a versatile flavourful addition for our dishes (read more. PubMed)

· Lemon, or Lime / to taste

Not much needed to say about lemon, a fruit that provides easily our daily needs in vitamin C, helps with cardiovascular issues, asthma, diabetes, obesity, skin conditions, it’s antibacterial and antifungal, helps iron to be absorbed (as vitamin C is needed), boosts immune system, and more, adding acidity and flavour to our dishes (read more. Med.News)

· Olive Oil / 2 T.s per serving, or, to taste (I add a lot!! :) )

Consisting of 73% monounsaturated fats, and 11% of Ω3-Ω6 fatty acids, full of antioxidants, vitamin E & K, highly anti-inflammatory, protects from heart disease, stroke, lowers cholesterol, it’s magical for skin and hair care, as it penetrates the skin without cloaking pores, it’s ideal for cooking due to its high smoking point, and it carries all the oil soluble vitamins, such as A, D, E, K, to our cells! I also use it as base for my skin & hair care products! (read more. Healthline)

Now that we saw how therapeutic, nutritious & balanced a pasta meal can be, let’s go to the cooking, following some important rules, in order to not destroy our beneficial ingredients.

*I’ve always been wondering why we boil pasta in salted water, and they absorb just that, instead of boiling them in a delicious sauce, to absorb taste… It’s not only practical, it’s also tastier! And the texture is exactly the same.

A super easy process, even for beginners J

1. Put a non-toxic pan, or pot on your stove. It makes no difference. Add your frozen peas and spinach, give a stir, and let them defrost, and soften a bit.

ONE POT HEALING, NUTRITIOUS, HEALTHY PASTA !! Recipe & Properties - Thomais de Fois

2. Add the Rosemary

ONE POT HEALING, NUTRITIOUS, HEALTHY PASTA !! Recipe & Properties - Thomais de Fois

3. Add the ginger

ONE POT HEALING, NUTRITIOUS, HEALTHY PASTA !! Recipe & Properties - Thomais de Fois

4. Add the carrots, after the peas are almost cooked. The carrots need less cooking time. Stir.

5. Add the Turmeric, and stir.

ONE POT HEALING, NUTRITIOUS, HEALTHY PASTA !! Recipe & Properties - Thomais de Fois

6. Add your pasta.

ONE POT HEALING, NUTRITIOUS, HEALTHY PASTA !! Recipe & Properties - Thomais de Fois

7. Add 2 cups of warm water, 1 t.s. natural salt (or, to taste), and stir.

The water should be enough for the pasta to cook, and to retain some extra that will be our thickened sauce.

8. Cook with the lid on. The remaining cooking time will be as much as the pasta’s packaging suggests. Normally 9-10 minutes. You can use a timer, or just taste.

9. 2 minutes before the pasta is cooked, dissolve 1,5 T.s of flour in half a cup of water (I use oat flakes, blend them in high speed, until powdered). At this point you can also mix in an egg, if you prefer.

10. Turn off the heat, and stir thoroughly for the 2 remaining minutes, so that the flour is cooked, and the sauce is thickened.

ONE POT HEALING, NUTRITIOUS, HEALTHY PASTA !! Recipe & Properties - Thomais de Fois

11. Remove the pan/pot from the stove, and add the rest of your spices and herbs

We do that in order to handle our herbs as we would in a tea. We don’t want to destroy their therapeutic compounds with high heat.

Freshly ground pepper (to taste). It helps with the curcumin’s bioavailability in our body. Always pair them.

ONE POT HEALING, NUTRITIOUS, HEALTHY PASTA !! Recipe & Properties - Thomais de Fois


ONE POT HEALING, NUTRITIOUS, HEALTHY PASTA !! Recipe & Properties - Thomais de Fois

My beloved Sage :) (hand-picked from my friend Takis & me, at the Greek forests in Mani)

ONE POT HEALING, NUTRITIOUS, HEALTHY PASTA !! Recipe & Properties - Thomais de Fois

Grind, and add them. Be prepared for a mesmerising explosion of aromas ..!! :)

12. Add lemon, or Lime juice, after the temperature has dropped. We do that in order to avoid destroying the Vitamin C and enzymes.

ONE POT HEALING, NUTRITIOUS, HEALTHY PASTA !! Recipe & Properties - Thomais de Fois

1. Add olive oil, and stir.

ONE POT HEALING, NUTRITIOUS, HEALTHY PASTA !! Recipe & Properties - Thomais de Fois

13. Serve….an enjoy!!

Always eat in a relaxing environment, focused on the moment. Avoid aggressive destructions, T.V. social, phone, texting. Sit straight, and relax your breathing. Make it deep. Pay attention to your food’s textures, its colours, the flavours, the balance between acidic and sweet ingredients…the gentle-healing spiciness… Feel that you are taking care of yourself, providing the healthy goodness earth is giving us. Eat mindfully, and teach your beloved ones to do the same :)

ONE POT HEALING, NUTRITIOUS, HEALTHY PASTA !! Recipe & Properties - Thomais de Fois

You know me and my rustic preferences J They bring me closer to Nature.


· This recipe is so versatile, that you can be creative, experiment, and play with different vegetables, spices, textures and colours. You can involve your children too, for some quality time together.

· If you like to make your dish more adventurous, you can add a couple of tablespoons of my super nutritious probiotic, fermented sauce. This also versatile sauce is a fun way to preserve your vegetables, save time and energy, boost your immune system, and preserve a healthy-clean intestinal system.

As the father of Medicine, Hippocrates stated “All disease begins in the gut”. Greece, 2500 years ago…

How to make the most Delicious & Versatile Probiotic Sauce to boost immunity - Thomais de Fois

· For a different taste kick, and since our recipe is lemony, you can add a teaspoon of my highly therapeutic – probiotic mustard! There’s no limitation to creativity ;)

My Delicious, Healing, Spicy, Probiotic, MUSTARD !! Recipe & Properties - Thomais de Fois

· To save time and energy, as with all foods, you can cook larger quantities, and freeze in portions. I always do that. Reheat your meal, adding a couple of tablespoons of water, and it will be perfect.

ONE POT HEALING, NUTRITIOUS, HEALTHY PASTA !! Recipe & Properties - Thomais de Fois

· Subscribe, I will soon show you how to make pasta from soaked-activated seeds and legumes, to replace the high gluten, low in fibre, high in calories mass production ones. It’s very easy !

· Be careful, and always read the labels of the products you buy, as the global leaders (£%^&*($£!) have decided that we should be fed with worms and insects to save the planet….. Allergies, cancers and all health problems caused by those ingredients that we find in almost every processed food, are useful for THEIR economy…. Here is a complete guide to recognising-avoiding those ingredients.

By the way, this is the article for witch facebook attacked my site. And that’s why I always use external links and youtube spots to share my articles there.

So, that’s it for today :)

I hope my article was useful to you, and that you’ll have fun creating in your kitchen!

If you wish to share my recipe on faceboo/instagram, you can use this link (PDF file), or my post on Linkedin (for the safety of my site, and ours)

In case you have questions, need anything, or just want to communicate your thoughts, feel free to write a comment bellow, or contact me directly.

I’m always happy to help!!

And Subscribe, as I upload articles almost weekly.

I used this month to finish with some studies & certifications, as most of you are on holidays, and I hope you had a great time J

*my site is used and directed only by me. No one has access to your email, and no one collects visitor information from me. These are my principles!

And remember. Always create with love! Everything is charged by our energy...and love is the best therapy...!

Thank you all for your support, and your most amazing encouraging messages!!!!

They give me strength…and I’m so touched…!!

Loads of love,


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