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Sauerkraut. Make a Probiotic Cabbage-Carrot Salad & Juice, to enjoy & boost Immunity !

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Let's get prepared for the winter, making easily Sauerkraut, a sour, probiotic, Cabbage-Carrot salad & juice, full of fibre, vitamins, and antioxidants, to boost our immune system, detoxify our body, and nourish it.

This salad is so versatile, that you can combine it with other vegetables, use it in soups, and just let your imagination guide you in the kitchen :)

In purple-white Cabbage version, with parsley & ginger ;)

Here is my detailed article about how to make healing, probiotic sauces from vegetables and herbs, with useful information about the ingredients we should use, and more.

Serve….an enjoy!! ❤️

As I always suggest, eat in a relaxing environment, focused on the moment. Avoid aggressive destructions, T.V. social, phone, texting. Sit straight, and relax your breathing. Make it deep. Pay attention to your food’s textures, its colours, the flavours, the balance between acidic and sweet ingredients… Feel that you are taking care of yourself, providing the healthy goodness earth is giving us. Eat mindfully, and teach your beloved ones to do the same :)


Be careful, and always read the labels of the products you buy, as the global leaders (£%^&*($£!) have decided that we should be fed with worms and insects to save the planet….. Allergies, cancers and all health problems caused by those ingredients that we find in almost every processed food, are useful for THEIR economy…. Here is a complete guide to recognising-avoiding those ingredients.

By the way, this is the article for witch facebook attacked my site. And that’s why I always use external links and youtube spots to share my articles there.

So, that’s it for today :)

I hope my articles are useful to you, and that you’ll have fun creating in your kitchen!

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In case you have questions, need anything, or just want to communicate your thoughts, feel free to write a comment below, or contact me directly.

I’m always happy to help!!

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*my site is used and directed only by me. No one has access to your email, and no one collects visitor information from me. These are my principles!

And remember. Always create with love! Everything is charged by our energy...and love is the best therapy...!

Thank you all for your support, and your most amazing encouraging messages!!!!

They give me strength…and I’m so touched…!!

Loads of love,


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